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Collaba is a multimedia collaboration and communication server built to provide digital workspaces to virtual educational, corporate, and other communities. It features secure email (Web, POP3/SMTP, crypto, and anti-spam), online forums (Web, RSS, NNTP, and podcast), blogs (Web, RSS, podcast), multimedia chat (text, multimedia panel, etc.), personal and group calendering, address books, bookmarks, an online Web page editor, file services and CMS (Web, WebDAV, FTP, SMB, CIFS, anvi-virus API, and ClamAV support), digital portfolio, dynamic news board, directory access, support for multiple independent communities on one server, Single-Sign-On features (built-in support for LDAP, CAS 2.0, JAAS, SMTP-Auth and more, powerful developer API), full online server management, anti-spam (RBL and filters), anti-virus support, centralized management with LDAP directories, Web publishing of personal, group or general web sites, developer APIs, and much more.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  12 Apr 2011 00:39

    Release Notes: This release improves and simplifies the experience of installing, starting, and setting up a Collaba server, adds a cross-platform user-friendly server startup application, makes it much easier to upgrade from one version to the next (drag and drop upgrades), significantly increases server performance and efficiency, includes a much more robust WebDAV server, provides support for built-in incremental server backups, adds more platform expansion capabilities, and much more.

    •  14 Apr 2010 16:10

      Release Notes: SYPECom's Enterprise interface has been added as a standard feature. There are hundreds of improvements to the platform's visual interface, numerous enhancements to most modules. Pre-configuration for Mozilla SeaMonkey has been added. There are dozens of other improvements and fixes.

      •  19 Jan 2010 17:32

        Release Notes: This release adds a new Platform Expansion API, single-sign-on support for Learn360, roles support in the Service Expansion API, new options for purging user data, an improved WebDAV server, an improved POP3 server (with improved support for Mozilla Thunderbird), and dozens of other enhancements, improvements, and fixes. This release also marks a 20 to 50% price cut on all perpetual licenses.

        •  29 Apr 2009 21:51

          Release Notes: This release introduces a completely new product line, a modernized user interface, a new demo interfaces, more flexible blog appearance customization, a smart wiki editor with section detection, the ability to include relative links and images in wiki articles, a new local wiki namespace making it easier to integrate wiki-powered content into Web pages, a new user-friendly installer for MacOS X, and dozens of other enhancements, improvements, and fixes.

          •  11 Feb 2009 00:51

            Release Notes: The default Web server engine is now Apache Tomcat 6 (Embedded). It can also run as a standard Java servlet within a standard Tomcat 6 installation. This release also features a new Apache Ant-based startup system, smoother startup without root access, a new AJAX-based live chat module, a built-in Comet API, numerous under-the-hood changes in preparation for the upcoming transition to Apache Struts 2 + JSP + Tiles, and hundreds of other enhancements, improvements, and fixes.


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