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CoffeeSaint is a Java application that shows the status of Nagios (version 1 up to 3 and the newer XI) on a screen. It can, if there are no errors, display a Webcam feed. If an error status occurs, it can play a sound. One can configure it to display certain errors/warnings always on top. It is remotely configurable via a built-in Web interface.

Operating Systems

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SysopView 13 Jul 2012 20:41

CoffeeSaint users might want to take a look at SysopView. SysopView can not only show the Nagios status in an animated view, it can also show vnc sessions, rss feeds in a scroller, webcam streams, and much more.

Recent releases

  •  20 Oct 2011 20:01

    Release Notes: This release can set a minimum height per row so that if more than '--nrows' problems are to be displayed, the height of the rows is adjusted.

    •  18 Jul 2011 19:17

      Release Notes: The command line version was fixed and problems with escapes were corrected. The manual was updated.

      •  16 Jul 2011 13:08

        Release Notes: One can now set font-styles and tab-stops. Please note that "--splitter" (or splitter= in the configuration file) now needs one or more pixel-positions to specify where to start the tab-stop. Conditional escapes were added. For example, @BIGGER^1800^%SERVICESINCETS^%SERVICENAME is down for longer than 1800 seconds@. One can now also set a "pretty name" for nagios servers as well show the servername when viewing the status of more than one nagios server.

        •  27 Jun 2011 19:06

          Release Notes: This release adds %SERVERNAME, which displays the Nagios server from which this problem came. This is useful when monitoring multiple Nagios servers.

          •  25 Nov 2010 13:59

            Release Notes: Descriptions are no longer cut off.


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