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Codimension is a Python IDE which aims to provide an integrated system for traditional text-based code editing and diagram-based code analysis.

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  •  31 Mar 2014 01:51

    Release Notes: Both the IDE and Python parser were updated. The parser is 10% faster and a memory leak was fixed. The IDE has a few new features. Now running and debugged scripts can have I/O redirected to the IDE. The pylint results viewer now supports pylint 1.1. A new custom garbage collector was introduced.

    •  28 Dec 2013 07:27

    Release Notes: Bugs were fixed. Minor new features include the ability to dump the current debug session settings and a customizable list of open tabs.

    •  20 Dec 2013 00:55

      Release Notes: Improved custom python parser performance. An SVN plugin has been added. Pylint 1.0.0 support. Minor improvements in the interface. Bugfixes.

      •  12 Sep 2013 23:34

        Release Notes: IDE changes: a plugin interface has been added; better completion in general and for PyQT objects in particular; configurable monospace fonts; a garbage collector plugin has been added; a better outline window; pyflakes has been updated to 0.7.3; a pyflakes crash in the case of an invalid escape character has been fixed; a bug has been fixed with pylint for projects with no import directories added; and there are many minor improvements. Python parser changes: a core dump in the case of an import without anything following it has been fixed.


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