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  •  07 Nov 2011 21:33

Release Notes: This release brings compatibility with Python 2.5 and features an improved display of the context lines of a match which is now similar to the one of grep.

  •  03 Nov 2011 17:07

Release Notes: This release features a new option to specify a file containing the list of files to search in. It also contains an improved version of the set match which now takes all C operators into account.

  •  14 Sep 2011 21:59

Release Notes: This release adds basic support for search in C++ source code. It also adds display of semantic patches description.

  •  06 Sep 2011 07:37

Release Notes: This new release candidate improves matching by adding searching of structures not defined as type, and by finding matches when a structure is used without a pointer. It also fixes a bug in in the handling of user-defined matches.

  •  02 Sep 2011 09:32

Release Notes: Exception handling has been added to provide a better user experience. Code documentation has been written to ease the usage of the coccigrep Python package.

  •  29 Aug 2011 09:01

Release Notes: This release introduces a concurrency level to speed up the looking process on multi-core systems. An emacs mode has been added to provide a coccigrep command in the editor. Integration into vim is now done via a plugin. This version also adds a configuration file system to store user settings, among them the path to a directory containing custom match files.

  •  19 Aug 2011 10:41

Release Notes: This release adds a new match called "func" to find where a structure is used as an argument of a given function. The semantic patches used for the matches are now stored in separate files, and a new match can be added by putting a semantic patch in the data directory.

  •  15 Aug 2011 08:30

Release Notes: This is the initial freshmeat announcement.


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