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Cluster SSH opens terminal windows with connections to specified hosts and an administration console. Any text typed into the administration console is replicated to all other connected and active windows. This tool is intended for, but not limited to, cluster administration where the same configuration or commands must be run on each node within the cluster. Performing these commands all at once via this tool ensures all nodes are kept in sync.

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  •  24 Sep 2009 18:06

    Release Notes: This release fixes an annoying bug where unresolvable hostnames stopped the program from running, and adds in some new features (a customizable send menu that can now automatically tear-off, and display of available clusters in the 'Add Host' window).

    •  02 Jun 2009 17:18

      Release Notes: Many bugfixes and improvements.

      •  23 Jan 2008 16:20

      Release Notes: Various bugfixes and minor improvements.

      •  26 Nov 2007 05:55

      Release Notes: This release includes long awaited bugfixes and enhancements, including adding telnet as a communications method and the ability to close all inactive windows.

      •  25 Jul 2006 14:08

      Release Notes: First formal release of this branch. Series 2 is depreciated. Many bugfixes and enhancements.

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      13 Feb 2008 13:59 clusteradmin

      Larger clusters?
      Thanks for this tool.

      I wonder if people use it on clusters larger than 100 nodes - I guess it'd be difficult to handle this with GUI. Instead, I use a simple script with 'for' loop that does ssh to every node and runs the command - works fine so far, but perhaps there is a better way.


      22 Apr 2005 07:43 djferguson Thumbs up

      Re: konsole can do this as well
      My take is that not everyone uses konsole, and it isn't available on all platforms. When I tried it in the past I also found it quite clunky and awkward to use (i.e. you couldnt see all sessions at the same time), but this was before I started writing clusterssh and it may have changed since then.

      26 Jan 2005 20:43 jamiebecker

      Re: konsole can do this as well
      By saved sessions, I mean you could create a session
      in Konsole that says this:
      And whenever you start that session, you'll
      automatically log into your favorite server. Even
      better, you can create a new icon that opens a
      particular saved session, and than every time you hit
      New Tab (or Control-Shift-N), you'll open a new
      connection. Kind of like screen, but with nicer tabs.)
      Konsole is rather slow on slower computers and with
      less memory, though, so this is ideal for lots of
      uses. ;-)

      04 Jan 2005 14:29 jamiebecker

      konsole can do this as well
      This looks like a great tool, especially since it has

      lighter dependencies than KDE! If you're already

      using KDE, Konsole's tab bar can both open saved

      sessions and send input to all sessions. It can also

      monitor sessions for activity and silence -- so you

      can get a bell when something's done. I believe

      Gnome Terminal has been adopting a lot of

      features that Konsole has, so it's likely that Gnome

      Terminal can do this too.


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