Version 2.0 of ClusterIt

Release Notes: Added dvt and rvt, to allow multiple interactive xterms tied to a single input window. Added jsh/jsd, a job scheduling daemon intended to be used for parallel compiling. Lots of bugfixes and speedups in the code.

Other releases

Release Notes: A new program, dtop, allows the user to run top across multiple machines and collate the results in real-time. The default remote commands have been changed over to ssh from rsh. A test option has been added to all commands to check if SSH is up and running before attempting an SSH connection that might otherwise hang. A flag has been added to dsh allowing the user to copy, execute, and delete a script on all machines in one step. There are many other small bugfixes and enhancements.

Release Notes: A -b option was added to pcp. This adds the ability to reverse the operation of pcp and use it to gather files from remote machines. A -t option that performs a port-is-active test on each node before running the commands on those nodes was added. The default RCMD's was switched from rsh to ssh. The RCMD_CMD and parsing of similar settings was changed to allow the user to set RCMD_CMD to something like "ssh -v" and have it work properly. dtop, a distributed top command was added. A -s option was added dsh, which adds the ability to copy a script to a remote machine, execute it, and delete it, all in a single operation.

  •  01 Feb 2006 14:34

Release Notes: Fixes jsd to work properly on Linux. Adds a -v option to all programs to show what version of ClusterIt they are running. Replaces most instances of sprintf with snprintf. Replaces most instances of malloc with calloc. Adds RCMD_CMD_ARGS to most of the programs. This makes it easier to do things like run "ssh -4" as your RCMD_CMD. Fixes a bug where trailing whitespace on a GROUP or LUMP entry would cause dsh -g to not match it. Fixes a bug where Linux machines often recieved truncated output from the child ssh/rsh process. Fixes a bug where all the programs would mangle argv[0] for ps.

  •  02 Jun 2005 14:58

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug on OpenBSD where dsh would segv when reading the clusterfile. seq is converted over to rseq fully, not just for Linux anymore. The clusterit.spec file has been fixed to work properly. This release has been tested on Red Hat.

  •  24 May 2005 03:13

Release Notes: This release incorporates a number of bugfixes, the largest of which is dealing with hangs running SSH on Linux. Additionally, a number of feature enhancements and speedups have been added to the suite of programs. Finally, the program has been autoconfed and now ships with a configure script to ease porting to new OSes. This version should now be much easier to get working on different OSes and systems.


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