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Common Lisp SQL

CLSQL is an SQL database interface for Common Lisp. It provides object-oriented and functional access methods to the underlying database, which can be one of MySQL, ODBC, PostgreSQL, or SQLite. It uses the Unified Foreign Function Interface (UFFI) and thus supports the CMU Common Lisp, Steel Bank Common Lisp, and Allegro Common Lisp implementations.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  10 Jul 2005 07:47

Release Notes: This version supports case-sensitive Common Lisp implementations and features an improved loader for foreign libraries.

  •  08 Jun 2005 02:53

Release Notes: SBCL-Unicode is now supported.

  •  28 Apr 2005 01:57

Release Notes: Support for fractional seconds was provided. Developers can now suppress reader macros.

  •  15 Apr 2005 10:00

Release Notes: This release adds support for Unicode on Steel Bank Common Lisp.

  •  09 Apr 2005 12:12

Release Notes: Support for 64-bit systems and fink on Darwin was improved. Memory management was optimized.

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11 Oct 2004 11:59 rvb

Lisp Lesser GNU General Public License
For real KMR provides CL-SQL under the LLGPL, which is a "patch" to the LGPL:


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