Version 3.4.0-M1 of CloverETL Designer

Release Notes: Precise cluster allocation, dynamic load balancing in graphs and cluster, big data support via Hadoop hdfs and Hive, Data Profiler integration on the server, and usability improvements in Designer.

Other releases

  •  14 Apr 2014 16:25

    Release Notes: This release introduces subgraphs and automatic metadata propagation. It drops support of Java 1.6; Java 1.7 is required. The list of application servers has been updated, and used libraries have been updated to newer versions.

    •  23 Jan 2014 20:48

      Release Notes: This release contains all the features of its two milestones and adds Hadoop connectivity in Community Edition, validator improvements, server UI polishing, Vertica support, and Encrypted Server configuration.

      •  30 Nov 2013 04:29

        Release Notes: This release fixes tracking info reporting on edges IDs, improves error reporting while reading CSV files and handling of response in HTTPConnector, and contains improvements in the graph editor.

        •  31 Oct 2013 23:49

          Release Notes: This release has a validator component, encrypted parameters, a JSONExtract component, improved server health monitoring, and improved server usability.

          •  20 Sep 2013 00:11

            Release Notes: This release fixes bugs, improves graph-to-HTML exportation, initializes the EmailSender connection to an SMTP server in a specific phase, and upgrades the JSch library to 0.1.50.


            Project Spotlight


            A markup language processor.


            Project Spotlight

            Mutt Folder List

            A mutt patch that adds a sidebar showing all mail folders.