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  •  19 Feb 2010 23:38

    Release Notes: Exception propagation during sending of a JMS message has been fixed. The HashPartition function giving negative port numbers occasionally has been fixed. SFTP speed has been improved. A random freeze on Mac OS has been fixed.

    •  30 Jan 2010 12:55

      Release Notes: When reading XLS files, a formatted value can now be obtained as a String type field if needed. In the final tracking summary, the average Rec/s and KB/s is displayed. LDAPWriter now has the ability to change or disable the multi-separator. The CTL transformation now has a PROJECT_DIR setting. A new Java AbstractPartitionFunction was included. NullPointerException bugs in PostgreSqlDataWriter and OracleDataWriter and reading of zipped MS Excel files were fixed.

      Release Notes: This version adds an optimized UniversalDataReader, Trash print ID, unification in treating null and empty fields in many components (Dedup, etc.), a -skipcheckconfig runtime option, and the ability to include comments in SQL queries.

      •  01 Jul 2009 20:03

        Release Notes: This is mainly a bugfix release with a few new features added.

        •  03 Jun 2009 12:56

          Release Notes: This is a maintenance release that contains around 30 improvements.

          •  23 Apr 2009 20:37

            Release Notes: This release contains several new features and many bugfixes. DataGenerator can use the CTL function to generate random data. A lookup table may be used. Support has been added for the XLSX format to both XLSReader and XLSWriter. There are 10+ new CTL functions, Joda library time parsing, tar protocol support for readers, and new examples (CompanyTransactionsTutorial and CTLFunctionsTutorial). This release brings 100+ new changes/features.

            •  09 Dec 2008 13:51

            Release Notes: This release brings three new transformation components and two new lookup table types (persisent and Aspell-like). It also fixes several reported bugs.

            •  31 Aug 2008 07:04

            Release Notes: Major changes include incremental reading of input data (file or DB), a reworked JDBC connection that now supports database-specific handlers (MySQL, Oracle, DB2, etc.), and enhancements of readers and writers which can, aside reading from files (local or remote), read/write data from/to an internal data dictionary.

            •  28 Jul 2008 15:25

            Release Notes: Several reported bugs have been fixed. This was released to ensure compatibility with the recent CloverGUI project release.

            •  22 Feb 2008 07:00

            Release Notes: This release adds improvements to graph execution and database communication. It extends the Clover Transformation Language. Most notably, it introduces new graph execution management which allows running several transformation graphs within the same JVM at the same time. It's also possible to limit the amount of CPU resources used by Clover during a graph's runtime. Transformations can now be run in transaction mode and can be reset to their original states, allowing fast processing of data in small chunks in a way similar to database "triggers".


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