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Release Notes: Introduction of the new Excel SpreadsheetDataReader/Writer components (commercial only). ComplexDataReader supports regular expressions for data decisions (selector) commercial only. MS Access/Generic ODBC has been improved. Designer updates: graph element locking; metadata grouping in outline; and view data improvements.

  •  12 Mar 2012 22:11

Release Notes: This release fixes WebserviceClient namespace support.

  •  12 Mar 2012 22:11

Release Notes: A major engine overhaul introducing dynamic edge buffers: any buffer on an edge or in a component now grows dynamically in selected initial and limit size.

  •  13 Oct 2011 21:37

    Release Notes: Customization options for OEM partners. Minor XMLWriter tweaks. The file URLs form has been changed to be Java compliant. A bug in the XMLExtract mapping editor has been fixed: it preserves the mapping of items mapped by ../ notation. Mac OS X crashes in the ComplexDataReader GUI have been fixed.

    •  30 Mar 2011 21:02

      Release Notes: CTL2: lists and maps of records are now possible. XMLExtract now distinguishes between null and empty strings. Aggregate: avg() and sum() aggregate functions now perform integer overflow check. DataIntersection correctly reports unsorted input now. UniversalDataReader and Writer now support the "Quote character" attribute for specifying. There are additional fixes.

      •  15 Nov 2010 21:33

        Release Notes: The error ports of UniversalDataReader and LDAP Reader can also have byte/cbyte fields instead of just strings. XMLExtract failing on opening input files in multiple phases has been fixed. Recursive parameter definition is now properly detected and warned in the log. CTL2 "for" cycle consuming memory has been fixed in CTL2 interpreted mode. byte and cbyte types in CTL2 are now fully compatible. ByteBufferUtils.encodeLength(ByteBuffer, int) has been fixed for 5-byte lengths.

        •  24 Aug 2010 15:24

          Release Notes: The CloverETL Community edition was introduced, which is free and full-featured. The new transformation language, CTL2, was added. Dictionary support was added in the Designer. Examples are bundled with easy setup. Metadata can be extracted from DBF files. HTTP authentication is supported in the HTTPConnector component. Edge drawing for complex graphs was improved. Flat file reading/writing is now CSV compliant. The default locale can be specified globally for the environment. FTP wildcards are now supported.

          •  23 Aug 2010 22:47

          Release Notes: This is a maintenance release.

          Release Notes: This release fixes incorrect resolution of special characters in transforms specified by URL. It fixes a server thread recycling bug.

          •  22 Apr 2010 22:02

            Release Notes: Example projects using the DB have been migrated to Derby (easy setup for newbies). A FastSort NPE fix with a non-nullable record and no default value. An XLSWriter long sheet names issue has been fixed. DB2DataWriter not finishing in pipe mode has been fixed. ExtSort sorting composed keys with nulls incorrectly has been fixed. CloverDataReader is now able to read without an index file. Reading timestamps from XLS sheets has been fixed.


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