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Release Notes: Kernel 2.6.26-11 is used. Some typos were fixed. Two packages, hexedit and cryptsetup, were added. The serial number of the disk is shown when saving partitions. The customized Clonezilla Live function was improved. gpxe 0.9.6 was included. Some minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: A Simplified Chinese interface was added. An option to reboot or shutdown after clone is finished was added. Hardware and software info will be saved in a clonezilla image. An option to generate MD5 or SHA1 checksums after an image was saved was added.

Release Notes: The language files fr_FR and ja_JP were updated. There is better support for the Asus Eee PC. Some minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: The bugs related to cciss RAID device restoration and creating recovery CDs have been fixed. The latest syslinux is used now. More descriptions have been added to the boot menu.

Release Notes: In this release, Linux kernel 2.6.22, ntfs-3g 1.913, and ntfsprogs 2.0.0 are used. Partimage 0.6.7_beta2 is used, which includes a patch for instances where blocks per group is a value other than 32768 on ext2/3 filesystems. An option "-o" was added to tune the menu in ocs-iso and ocs-live-dev.

Release Notes: Some new features were added, including support for the cciss device (including Compaq's SMART Array Controllers). Symbolic links to image files are now supported. -o0 and -o1 options were added to ocs-sr. pcmciautils, ncpfs, dvd+rw-tools, and udftools packages were added and some bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: With the "-m" option in ocs-iso or ocs-live-dev, a customized script can be integrated into clonezilla live. A sample program can be found in /opt/drbl/sample/custom-ocs. The dialog selection was simplified by using --menu instead of --radiolist in most of the dialog programs. Therefore, the space bar is no longer pressed to select some of the choices.

Release Notes: An option to not start a network connection was added in the boot menu. A bug involving a failure to save partitions numbers more than 10 was fixed. Some minor bugs were also fixed.

Release Notes: Some more options were added to the boot menu: "To RAM", which makes it possible to remove boot media (CD, USB flash drive) when booting is finished, a failsafe mode, and a FreeDOS option. A bug where the dialog menu was distorted was fixed.


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