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02 Jan 2006 12:43 ytre

Re: XOR is pre-WW2 encryption
just tried ~1GB keyfile against

02 Jan 2006 05:35 ytre

Re: XOR is pre-WW2 encryption

> data can be trivially broken.

GB file xored with GB random file... trivially? It seems it's comparably trivial to guessing the right prime in case of passwordless encryptions.

23 Apr 2004 21:57 gobbles

XOR is pre-WW2 encryption
Honestly, it is great to try contributing to the open source movement, but this approach to securing data can be trivially broken.

There are many (gnupg, openssl, etc) implementations of data encryption that are much more secure and already free...

23 Apr 2004 19:38 sholden

But why?
There are numerous encryption softwares available. What is the point of one that xors and hence when used with the username/password approach can be cracked by simple analysis of the crypted text?


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