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Release Notes: Along with the usual updates and bugfixes, this release includes a DMZ-ready firewall, support for Antivirus, an updated bandwidth manager, improved network configuration tools, and wireless/802.11b support.

Release Notes: Among other new features, this release adds language support, content and file type filtering, wireless MAC filtering, smart software auto-updates, anti-spam features, and improved PPPoE support. An upgrade is available for Office Edition version 1.1 and later.

  •  25 Apr 2003 05:50

Release Notes: This maintenance release includes bugfixes for Snort, Samba, CUPS, Webmin, and others. The look and feel of the Web-based administration has changed.

Release Notes: This release includes Webmail, bandwidth limiting, virtual host support for Web and email, IPsec VPNs for dynamic IP addresses, PPTP data encryption, PPTP passthrough, and dual processor support.

Release Notes: The Office version of ClarkConnect includes 30-day installation support and the following new features: IPsec VPN tools, wireless support, content filtering, additional printer support, and a software update tool.


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A 3D Rubik's cube game.


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A probabilistic Java toolkit for building search engines.