Version 2.2.5 of ClanLib

Release Notes: This release adds 6 new examples that demonstrate the power of GPU shaders. The ClanDatabase API is easier to use. Several bugs have been fixed.

Other releases

  •  26 Sep 2013 01:07

Release Notes: DirectX 11 was added as a render target. On Windows, there are now no dependencies, so you can simply download the SDK and know that all components are using a Zlib style software license. To enhance the speed of the SDK, the 2D management code was separated. It was placed on a higher level class Canvas. For 3D operations, the GraphicContext is used, without any overhead. ClanLib has been updated with the latest OpenGL 4.4 API. New packages were included for 2D collisions, 3D collisions, and 3D scene management.

  •  28 Mar 2012 16:39

Release Notes: This release contains a lot of Linux build changes to make ClanLib suitable for distributions. ClanGL now works against the Mesa and Nouveau Linux drivers. Minor fixes have been made in ClanCore regarding zip, xpath, and xml support.

  •  23 Feb 2012 22:07

Release Notes: This update contains new cryptography classes, a few new examples, and bugfixes.

  •  06 Dec 2011 01:30

Release Notes: Transparent windows are now supported on Linux, and there are massive performance enhancements to transparent windows on Windows Vista/7. Various bugs were fixed.

  •  07 Sep 2011 10:52

    Release Notes: 3D examples now use the external AssImp library for better compability and speed. The release also includes bugfixes for Linux and GL. A new utility that lets you capture window output into a movie was added.


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    A compression library for lzip files