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  •  08 May 2005 22:16

Release Notes: This release included many bugfixes and some new features. The code was also cleaned up.

Release Notes: This release includes support for images in PGP keys and a new cache system. The cache code allows administrators to configure their server to cache frequently access keys (like the fedora project key) in memory. Many bugs were also fixed.

Release Notes: CKS now fully supports PKS-style keyserver synchronization. The import and export (backup and recovery) programs are now feature complete, and the synchronization and synchronization control programs have been significantly expanded. Simon Josefsson's DNS keyservice scripts have been merged with the project, allowing CKS installations to serve keys over the DNS protocol.

  •  21 Jun 2004 20:46

Release Notes: Large portions of the openpgp packet parsing code were improved upon. This greatly improved the stability of the software. OpenPGP standard support for the new draft standard, rfc2440bis-10, began. Some ease of use features were added to the project.

  •  28 May 2003 23:52

Release Notes: A new database table was created to greatly speed Web-based searching. Several memory leaks were cleaned up and additional error checking was added. Interface changes were made and new features began to be integrated.

  •  08 May 2003 10:39

Release Notes: A bug in the i18n related to the build process was fixed. Better i18n support was added, additional syncing support was added, more documentation was written, and early support for additional backend database types was added.

Release Notes: i18n and l10n are the focus of this release. Code to support foreign languages has been added (with GNU gettext). A nearly complete German translation has been applied. In this version, pks synchronization capabilities have been expanded and some general code clean up was done.

  •  28 Mar 2002 15:31

Release Notes: This release includes general code clean up, memory management fixes, a fix for an HTML truncation bug, a fix for a creation time display bug, and a bugfix related to mail synchronization. New features include beginning support for advanced queries, support for new kinds of HKP queries, and new stats code. More advanced options in the configuration file have also been added.

  •  24 Feb 2002 01:59

Release Notes: A bugfix for the key merger code, some code cleanups meant to make auditing easier, extending the configure script to support checking for libpq and alternate locations for libpq-fe.h, a new cks_export program for backing up the database, support in the search program for 0x prefixes on key IDs.

  •  11 Jan 2002 03:05

Release Notes: This release includes a large amount of debugging and code clean up efforts. A number of memory leaks have been fixed, a number of smaller bugs have been fixed, and copyright notices have been added to the source files. This release also includes error handling improvements, additional debugging code, additional functionality, and a fix for a key merger bug.


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A configuration tool for managing Linux kernel packet filtering rules of the nf_tables packet filter.


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