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  •  18 May 2006 05:46

Release Notes: ckmame can now account for files kept elsewhere (e.g. stored on DVD) and remove them from the ROM set being checked. mkmamedb can create a database from multiple dat files (remembering which game is in which dat file), and omit games matching shell glob patterns. Zip archives and disk images are not read in multiple times, which speeds up integrity checking enormously, and a new option has been added to remove all unneeded files from extra directories. Unknown files are stored in the directory "unknown", not in "garbage" inside the ROM path, to keep the ROM directories clean.

  •  28 Dec 2005 14:02

Release Notes: The major new feature is that this release fixes all fixable errors in at most two runs. It renames disks automatically, supports searching for files in additional directories, detects faked ROMs (correct CRC, but incorrect MD5/SHA1), adapts for MAME versions 0.100 and above, drops support for inferring flags/status from CRC (old MAME versions), deprecates the -u/-U command line options, simplifies ROM matching logic, and has many new regression tests, causing various bugfixes.

  •  17 Jun 2005 11:10

Release Notes: This release adds support for MAME/MESS -listxml output and for disk images (chd files). It has been adapted for various MAME database changes. The superfluous script was merged into ckmame, which now reports extra files by default. The ckmame database files have been versioned. libzip, the zip library uses by ckmame, has been split off. dumpgame can now find a game by a checksum of one of its ROMs. Man pages have been added for all programs.


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