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Circus Linux!

Circus Linux! is a clone of the Atari 2600 game "Circus Atari." The object is to move a teeter-totter back and forth across the screen to bounce clowns up into the air. When they reach the top, they pop rows of balloons and then fall back down. If you don't catch one, you lose a clown.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 Apr 2001 07:22

    Release Notes: This release includes support for real Atari 2600 paddle controllers (when connected to the PC's joystick port using a simple connector).

    •  31 May 2000 22:16

      Release Notes: Installation is now done using a "configure" script. Title-screen music was created. Keyboard control is now available. Graphics tweaks were made.

      •  10 Apr 2000 01:48

        Release Notes: Graphics converted from BMP to PNG to save space (SDL_image library now required), new music, and joystick support (both analog and digital).

        •  13 Mar 2000 04:27

          Release Notes: More circus acts, a pause feature, low-power mode for slower hardware, and the "nosound" makefile target builds correctly.

          •  10 Feb 2000 00:33

            Release Notes: Clear-All mode, a high-score table, an options file, collision and bounce tweaks, and bug fixes.


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