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  •  24 Nov 2002 16:45

Release Notes: Sound now defaults to on. Solaris casting of samples has been fixed. There is better support for 32 bit displays. A segfault with 32 bit resolution has been fixed. Channel-4 sound output has been improved. gunzip support has been fixed. There are manual pages for FreeBSD and Solaris, and compilation optimization for machines with less memory. Obsolete documentation has been removed. 2-button joypad support for FreeBSD has been implemented. joybtn_conf.c is now confjoystick.c. joyconf.h and joyconf.h.sidewinder are not needed anymore. Joystick setup is no longer compiled in.

  •  08 Jun 2001 22:25

Release Notes: A new OpenBSD port.

  •  01 Jun 2001 19:41

Release Notes: Ability to open gzipped ROMs, fixes for sound support to some extent, and the ability to choose sound frequency on the command-line.


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