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Cisco Monitoring Tool

Cimon is Perl program wich monitors the load (memory and CPU) on Cisco routers using SNMP, and generates graphics with statistics using rrdtool. It's a good source for information about your router's health. It also has the abillity to make IP accounting via Cisco IP accounting features. It creates rrd graphics with the bandwith usage and traffic logfiles. The logfiles are the same as these produced by sasacct so you can use it for date-to-date statistics and on-the-fly graphic generation.


Recent releases

  •  29 Jul 2002 17:53

    Release Notes: This release features graphs in bits per second and a bugfix related to creation of monthly graphs.

    •  21 Jun 2002 14:40

      Release Notes: Changes include support for making IP accounting via the Cisco IP accounting feature. There are also date to date traffic statistics with a cgi-script including RRD graphics for the bandwith (sasacct compatible).


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