RSS All releases of CIL (C Intermediate Language)

  •  25 Jul 2013 00:19

    Release Notes: This release fixes installation of the CIL library. It fixes machine-independent flags in cilly (eg. -fPIC).

    •  27 Jun 2013 14:27

    Release Notes: Building and installation of the CIL library was fixed.

    •  18 Jun 2013 20:42

    Release Notes: This release improves the build system and installation (available as an opam package).

    •  03 Jun 2013 22:08

    Release Notes: This release supports C99 flexible array members, supports GCC’s “case range” extension (--useCaseRange), adds a “regtest” make target to run regression tests, installs cilly as a proper Perl script, and adds many bugfixes.

    •  22 Mar 2013 21:23

    Release Notes: New features: support for static local variables and GCC’s "computed gotos" (or "labels as values"). Various bugfixes.

    •  14 Jul 2012 23:32

    Release Notes: This release adds native versions the of OCaml tool. It fixes a bug which caused pointer difference operations to be incorrectly typed, integer overflows in pragma, and various regression tests and doc generation.

    •  14 Jun 2012 23:42

    Release Notes: The major change in this release is the introduction of a Question variant in the Cil.exp type, to represent expressions such as 1 == 2 ? 3: 4. It is enabled by the flag --useLogicalOperators. By default, legacy code should therefore compile and run without trouble against CIL 1.5.0, except for a few "non-exhaustive pattern matching" warnings on Cil.exp variables. This release also adds support for new GCC attributes and builtins, and fixes a number of issues, thanks to many bug reports and patches.

    •  06 Nov 2011 20:06

      Release Notes: This release fixes a number of bugs (including support for OCaml 3.12) and adds a few enhancements (support for some gcc builtins in particular). Note that the project is not maintained by UC Berkeley anymore, due to lack of time and manpower. The new maintainer is Gabriel Kerneis.

      No changes have been submitted for this release.


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