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The CIFS VFS is a virtual file system for Linux to allow access to servers and storage appliances compliant with the SNIA CIFS specification version 1.0 or later.

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Recent releases

  •  14 Jul 2004 23:43

    Release Notes: Many bugfixes and enhancements. The CIFS VFS now passes most POSIX tests attempted to Samba servers (and some to Windows servers) from CIFS VFS on Linux 2.4 clients. Support has been added for mknod of devices/FIFOs. Performance of file creation has been greatly improved. Port 139 (Netbios-over-TCP) is improved (allowing limited support for NT4 servers, not just Windows 200x, Samba, etc.). Per-mount statistics have been added. The mount.cifs helper is improved, and supports new optional features such as suid mounts and credential files.

    •  26 Nov 2003 00:47

      No changes have been submitted for this release.

      •  21 Mar 2003 21:34

        Release Notes: A fix for an oops in get dfs referral (triggered when null path sent in to mount), and new support for overriding rsize at mount time.

        •  23 Oct 2002 06:16

          Release Notes: A problem with captive threads hanging around at unmount time was fixed, 2.5.42-pre changes to superblock layout were supported, wasteful allocation of SMB buffers was fixed, more oplock handling was added, and stylistic updates were made to match the kernel style. Additional filesystem statistics were added to /proc/fs/cifs, more pieces of NTLMv2 and CIFS Packet Signing enablement were included, and the call to sleep_on was replaced with wait_on_event. mount no longer requires the -unc mount option. This version has been included in the Linux 2.5.42 kernel.

          •  04 Oct 2002 13:42

            Release Notes: This release adds support for CIFS Unix Extensions (e.g., chmod, symlinks, chown to Samba), works fully on big endian hardware such as Power and zSeries, not just Intel, adds raw NTLMSSP support (more secure session establishment to Windows and current Samba servers), fixes problems found in running the Connectathon and fsx POSIX file API tests, fixes stability under network stress, fixes byterange lock handling (range was one byte too short), and rewrites connection/mount logic as well as readdir code to fix various bugs.


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