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Cibyl is a programming environment that allows compiled C/C++ programs to execute on Blackberry and J2ME phones. Cibyl uses GCC to compile programs to MIPS binaries, and these are then translated into Java bytecode. The use of binary translation and the simplicity of translating MIPS instructions means that Cibyl programs can be quite well-performing. With Cibyl, programs written in C/C++ can be ported to Blackberry and J2ME without switching languages.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  20 Jun 2011 16:14

    Release Notes: Binary releases for Linux and Windows, better optimization through use of DWARF debugging information, and a better peephole optimizer. A new build system that makes cibyl globally installable.

    •  26 Oct 2008 12:48

      Release Notes: setjmp/longjmp has been implemented. Exception handling has been refactored, including the ability to throw Java exceptions from C/C++. An optimization-related bug has been fixed.

      •  18 Jul 2008 16:18

        Release Notes: The Python translator is now deprecated, and all important features are part of the C++ translator. Better support is available for exporting C functionality to Java. File handling for J2SE has been implemented. The translated code can now be generated in a thread-safe manner.

        •  12 May 2008 17:46

          Release Notes: A new sscanf implementation, better configuration handling, and an ELF symbol size bugfix. Relocations for unaligned memory accesses are now handled. ANSI C support has been extended with various functions.

          •  13 Apr 2008 15:16

            Release Notes: An ELF symbol size bug has been fixed. There are 64-bit host compile fixes. A C++ build issue on target has been fixed. The call tables for function pointer calls now only contains functions that are possible call targets from function pointers. Some code refactoring has been done.


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