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Change Suffix

chsuf changes the suffix of file and/or directory names. It also can be used to add or remove a suffix to/from a list of files. chsuf can be useful for changing DOS-style three character extensions to more readable variations (e.g. from .htm to .html), or for adding an extension to filenames for use on platforms which depend on filename extensions.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Feb 2002 14:01

    Release Notes: The usability of the program was greatly improved, and some nasty bugs have been fixed.

    •  07 Jan 2002 04:35

      Release Notes: Some important bugfixes and a new "--interactive" option. Updating is strongly recommended.

      •  21 Dec 2001 20:48

        Release Notes: The build/installation process is based upon the GNU autoconf/automake tools.

        •  19 Aug 2001 22:02

          Release Notes: A nasty bug which made chsuf interpret the --from arg as a regular expression has been fixed. A --version option has been added. Updating is highly recommended.

          •  19 Aug 2001 22:01

            Release Notes: This release can be used to delete suffixes from a list of files. It now operates on any suffixes of a list of files (not only a specific one).


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