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Chordpack is a tool written in Perl, whose purpose is to typeset song-books/songs written in chordpro format. The typesetting is done using typepesetting system TeX using macro package LaTeX. Chordpack has ambition to do whatever you might want to do with songs in chordpro format. Chordpack currently can generate LaTeX source of songs/songbook, generate HTML version of songs/songbook, generate ASCII version of songs/songbook, generate ASCII version of songs/songbook omitting chords, transpose chordpro song to desired key, take ordinary ASCII notation of song with chords, and output almost chordpro version. Chordpack features four styles of chord setting, three styles of song titles setting, an option to chose one or two columns, an option to chose fonts sizes, on-the-fly transposition to a key with minimum difficult chords (as an option), and other features. Chordpack does not currently set chord diagrams.


Recent releases

  •  18 Jan 2011 14:39

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    •  23 Jul 2001 19:01

      Release Notes: This release has less "underfull box" and "overfull box" LaTeX warning messages (they were quite harmless anyway). The width of songtitle rules and tabulatures has been slightly improved.


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