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Choqok is a quick and efficient micro-blogging client for the K Desktop Environment. It currently supports the and services. The name comes from an ancient Persian word that means sparrow.

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Release Notes: This release brings user interface changes to improve the user experience. New StatusNet ( changes are supported now. Twitter is shortening every link you enter in your tweet, even if it’s already shortened, so the Untiny plugin will expand those links twice to give you the actual link. An annoying bug in Choqok with direct messages support is fixed.

  •  09 Apr 2011 18:27

Release Notes: Two new plugins were added: the Translator plugin and the Quick Filter plugin. A system tray icon problem in GNOME was fixed. An option to hide the menu-bar was added. Choqok caches posts automatically and not just at exit. An annoying video preview plugin problem that causes Choqok to crash was fixed. Other bugs were fixed.

  •  16 Oct 2010 06:50

    Release Notes: The shortening process was prevented from freezing the UI. The ☛ sign for tags or groups in StatusNet accounts was removed, using the menu solution like @username. "Configure Notifications" was added to the Settings menu. The Twitpic plugin was fixed to work with OAuth. "Reply to USER", "Write to USER", and "Reply to all" actions were added to the reply button menu. A new look was provided for the Whois dialog. The Image Preview plugin now supports and Plixi. ImageShack and Flickr uploader plugins were included.

    Release Notes: A new plugin system was added to make support for more image/file hosting services easier. The ReTweet/Repeat function is completely supported. Nick name (username) auto-completion was implemented per account base. This is available in main window input boxes. A D-Bus interface was added. A konqueror plugin to use Choqok directly was added. OAuth support was added for Twitter and Identica authentication. QOauth Lib version 1.0.1 or later is a dependency now. Proxy configuration can be done using the KDE global proxy.

    •  17 Mar 2010 15:13

      Release Notes: Many of the reported and known bugs have been fixed. Actions to subscribe, unsubscribe, and block a user were added to the User menu. A splash screen was added to Choqok. There is a new feature in new versions of StatusNet/Identica (>0.9) that allow you to attach a file (such as an image) to a dent. Support for this was added to Choqok. Two new timelines were added for Twitter and Statusnet/Identica accounts: Public timeline and Favorites. A conversation thread may now be viewed.


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      An OpenBSD flash read-only installer.