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21 Jun 2008 04:06 pabs3

Re: Licence is wrong
Unfortunately they used OpenSSL, which is incompatible with the GPL, however I made a patch to let it use libgcrypt. The patch is available in the Debian package.

17 Apr 2007 22:13 pabs3

Re: Licence is wrong
The author has re-licenced it under the GNU GPL (and ntreg under the LGPL). Yay!

05 Mar 2007 23:47 pabs3

Licence is wrong
This is not BSD licenced, it is under a non-commercial use only licence, which is non-free.

11 Mar 2004 21:53 swingerrr

Re: it works
where to i click to star the download?

21 Aug 2002 03:58 dannyzeng

it works
Yes, it can reset any local account password on my manchines running Window NT 4, and Window 2000 pro.

SYSKey is on be default on W2k, but I can reset password without turn it off.


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