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Release Notes: This release adds support for HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) and fixes a number of different bugs. The TLS/SSL support was improved, as well as the IPv6 support and the multi-IP host management in the reverse HTTP proxy and the FastCGI, uWSGI, and SCGI handlers. This release also fixes a couple of minor (and very unlikely to hit) memory leaks in the server core. Upgrading is encouraged.

Release Notes: This version adds support for Cherokee-Market. Applications can now be seamlessly deployed from the market with a couple of mouse clicks. A new configuration file back-up system has also been integrated, so configuration files can be stored and versioned on a remote repository for backup and cluster deployment purposes. Upgrading is greatly encouraged.

Release Notes: This release fixes a number of minor issues, mainly related to Solaris and FreeBSD.

Release Notes: This release added a new internal security mechanism for cherokee-admin, improving the pre-saving set of rules so that the user is warned whenever the configuration file seems to contain inconsistencies. The ETag header syntax was fixed to follow the RFC spec, and the kqueue backend was enhanced for a better error handling. A number of other improvements made it to this release, as well as a few additions to the documentation. Updating is encouraged.

Release Notes: Cherokee 1.0.17 introduced a last-minute regression that prevent Cherokee-admin from working on some environments. This release fixes that single bug.

Release Notes: This is mainly a bug-fixing release. A number of issues were fixed, mainly regarding cherokee-admin. An incorrect initialization in cherokee that might cause the server not to boot on ARM was also fixed. The documentation was also updated to cover the new "Easy install" procedure. Upgrading is encouraged.

Release Notes: This is mainly a bug tracking release. A relevant memory leak was fixed in the HTTP reverse proxy handler. A regression in the virtual server regex substitution system was fixed. Both users and groups can be defined by either name or UID/GID now. A number of minor issues were fixed. Upgrading is encouraged.

Release Notes: This release adds support for X-Sendfile and X-Accel-Redirect in the reverse HTTP proxy. It also reimplements the previous shared memory usage, so it no longer depends on System V SHM, which will be very convenient for BSD users. Support for regex groups was added to the Virtual Server regular expression matching module, so redirections can use substitutions from the hostname. It also adds support for OpenBSD in the system status meters. Many wizards were improved and a few bugs were fixed. Upgrading is strongly encouraged.

Release Notes: This is mainly a bugfix release. A high visibility issue that caused the server to reply with random 400 error responses was fixed. This release also adds some documentation and fixes a few other less relevant bugs. Upgrading is strongly encouraged.

Release Notes: This release fixes a couple of high-visibility issues introduced during the last development cycle. It also adds a new "Fail over" load balancing plug-in and some improvements regarding content compression. Upgrading is encouraged.


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A relay server for the Secure Shell Chromium plugin.


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A fast HTML to text converter.