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Release Notes: This release adds quite a few Wizards for the most common Web software. It also fixes a number of issues detected in the previous release. For instance, the reverse proxy module can work with SVN repositories. Updating is strongly encouraged.

Release Notes: This release addresses a few issues mainly related to live usage graphs. It adds a new uWSGI handler, a new Audio/Video streaming wizard, and support for the HTTP error code 307. It improves the spawning of interpreters (PHP, Ruby on Rails, Django, etc.). Users are encouraged to update.

Release Notes: This new release adds many new features. First of all, it adds support for server information collection: server traffic, accepted connections, time outs, traffic on each individual virtual server, etc. It's also got a new Virtual Server matching plug-in that checks the "Host:" header. The OpenSolaris SMF support has been improved, and the cherokee-admin backend has been reworked so it uses a Unix socket instead of a TCP port. The embedded version of PySGI has been bumped to the latest release, and the file descriptor limit has been raised to 4096 files by default.

Release Notes: This release addresses a couple of important issues. It fixes the administration interface so that the wizards support is back in place. It improves the server restart responsiveness on FreeBSD. This release also ships a new and much cleaner Wizard panel. Upgrading is encouraged.

Release Notes: This release mixes a couple of important bugfixes with a few new features. The administration interface has been improved so the wizards' tables are cleaner and easier to use. It's also got a new rule matching plug-in that checks the connection's origin against a list of IPs and sub-nets. A new Mailman configuration wizard has been added as well. The two most imporant bugfixes address issues related to the video/audio streaming and the new spawning mechanism that was integrated a couple of version ago. Updating is strongly encouraged.

Release Notes: This new release fixes a couple of important issues. The first problem was suffered by some high-traffic servers after a few days running; the server load was higher without any discernable reason. The second problem was related to the "Range:" header management. Both problems have been fixed and new QA tests have been put in place to prevent regressions. Updating is encouraged.

Release Notes: An important bug in the new spawning mechanism was fixed. It wasn't a security issue, but upgrading is encouraged anyway.

Release Notes: This release introduces a couple of new features. The process spawning mechanism has been redesigned, so the server can launch interpreters (PHP, Django, RoR, etc.) as unprivileged roles even if the server worker process is running with no privileges whatsoever. The second addition has been a new option by which behavior rules can specify whether or not requests matching the rules ought to appear in the logs. Finally, this release fixes a number of miscellaneous bugs. Updating is encouraged.

Release Notes: This version ships a new 'Enhanced Virtual Hosting' feature. It also implements X-Real-IP management and 100-continue response handling. It fixes a number of minor issues with the reverse proxy (most of them related to IIS). Upgrading is encouraged.

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release. It fixes a major regression regarding GZip and static content serving that was introduced in the previous version. It also improves the logging subsystem, and fixes a couple of minor problems in the Apache-compatible log writer. Updating is strongly encouraged.


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A pure HTML5/JavaScript VNC viewer.


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A simple application for sorting data in your browser.