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Release Notes: This is mainly a bugfix release. A high visibility issue that caused the server to reply with random 400 error responses was fixed. This release also adds some documentation and fixes a few other less relevant bugs. Upgrading is strongly encouraged.

Release Notes: This release fixes a couple of high-visibility issues introduced during the last development cycle. It also adds a new "Fail over" load balancing plug-in and some improvements regarding content compression. Upgrading is encouraged.

Release Notes: An unfortunate, high-visibility regression was introduced in Cherokee 1.0.12 that could stop the server from loading if the configuration file forbade the use of certain encoders. Please skip Cherokee 1.0.11 and upgrade to 1.0.12 directly to avoid this high-impact issue.

Release Notes: This is mainly a bugfix release. Most of the fixes are related to memory management issues on Mac OS X and FreeBSD. A few minor issues have also been fixed in the wizards: the PHP wizard works on CentOS 5 now, and the Moodle wizard is distributed again. The Quality Assurance bench has been extended, so it can be run under Valgrind on Mac OS X. A few usability issues have been addressed in the configuration and monitoring GUI.

Release Notes: This release ships a huge amount of new features and improvements. Caching policies can be defined on a per-rule basis. Custom headers can also be defined on each individual behavior rule. The redirection error handler accepts a 'default' option now. Complex virtual host matching rules are supported, so the classic "one IP per virtual server" SSL/TLS workaround can be now used in Cherokee. Also, the reverse proxy can now handler SVN (WebDAV) connections now. A new option to disable SSLv2 made it to the administration interface, etc. Upgrading is strongly encouraged.

Release Notes: This release addresses a couple of relevant issues. It fixes a number for problems related to SSL/TLS and how Firefox handles the secure connection. It also improves the mechanism by which connections are closed. It improved the 'Header' match plug-in and the Hot-linking prevention wizard. Upgrading is strongly encouraged.

Release Notes: This is a bug fixing release. An issue with the POST management has been fixed up, so the FastCGI, SCGI, CGI, and uWSGI handlers are rock solid now. The extensions match rule type was improved so an extra security option could be used to ensure that a matching request actually matches a local file. The PHP wizard was enhanced to support this new option, so the default configuration is as secure as possible. Upgrading is strongly encouraged.

Release Notes: This is mainly a bug-fixing version. It solves a number of problems, mainly those related to connection resets under SSL/TLS, the Reverse Proxy handler, and the Directory content listing handler. Upgrading is encouraged.

Release Notes: This release addresses a number of issues in the Reverse HTTP proxy. It also adds a new rule match type for placing rules based on whether or not a connection is TLS/SSL. It fixes a problem parsing the X-Forwarded-For header, and dramatically improves the UTF-8 support. Upgrading is strongly encouraged.

Release Notes: This releases fixes a regression in the SSL/TLS support. It also fixes a number of minor issues with error reporting, as well as some HTTP header management. The PHP, Ruby on Rails, and uWSGI wizards were improved. The Dutch and Catalan translations were updated. Updating is strongly encouraged.


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