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Cheops-ng is a network management tool for mapping and monitoring your network. It has host/network discovery functionality and OS detection, and does a port scan of each computer to tell what services are running. It can probe FTP, HTTP, ssh, email (port 25), news, IMAP, and VNC to see what version and type of server is running on those ports.


Recent releases

  •  23 May 2003 09:01

    Release Notes: This version fixes some crashing bugs.

    •  27 Aug 2002 05:13

      Release Notes: Added software to report the state of scanned ports (open, closed, or filtered), added software to display the RPC version and information from nmap scans, added software for taking screenshots, and fixed XML parsing problems. Bugs were fixed in the IO processing code, and an option for truncating a FQDN down to the hostname was included. RPMS are now available.

      •  23 Jun 2002 02:01

        Release Notes: Fixes for libxml portability issues and a few compiler errors people were having.

        •  14 Jun 2002 07:25

          Release Notes: This version fixes some merging bugs, fixes a service bug that was introduced when going to enumerated protocols, adds the ability to change the primary host in a list of merged hosts, adds the ability to rename the viewspace, and makes text entries tab to other entries when the enter key is hit.

          •  05 Jun 2002 07:14

            Release Notes: Fixed a bug in the startup code to initalize the services and pixmaps, a bug in the setting startup code to initialize nmap settings, and added the new cheops-ng icon to the help and pixmaps directories.

            Recent comments

            03 May 2001 10:38 carpy

            Re: Install Fails-Caldera eD2.4
            I apologize. I was looking online and not right in
            front of my face in the README. Still, "gnome" is
            kinda vague. Since I only have KDE, what parts of
            gnome are required? Thanks!

            03 May 2001 10:31 carpy

            Install Fails-Caldera eD2.4
            I run only KDE and have the GTK+ 1.2.6 libraries as
            provided on the Caldera eDesktop 2.4 distro.
            "make" fails with
            /bin/sh: gnome-config: command not found
            In file included from agent-map.h:27,
            from cheops-agent.c:35:
            /usr/include/glib.h:66: glibconfig.h: No such file or
            make: *** [cheops-agent.o] Error 1

            What are the requirements for CHEOPS-NG? I see
            no documentation.

            25 Feb 2001 11:42 toopriddy

            Re: Tar Doesn't Work
            Fixed... Sorry

            > The Tar file doesn't work.

            25 Feb 2001 10:11 brentlinuxwkuedu

            Tar Doesn't Work
            The Tar file doesn't work.


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