Projects / is a plugin for the Nagios network monitoring system. It is designed to read traffic statistics from a Packeteer appliance via HTTP requests and return the status to Nagios.

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  •  22 May 2007 21:45

Release Notes: A bug in the documentation where the order of 'password' and 'serial' for the '-auth' parameter was wrong was fixed. A '-number' command line argument was added for beautifying large numbers according to English or German style (1,234 or 1.234).

  •  27 Nov 2006 09:59

Release Notes: The code is fully functional and has been working on a production network for about two months.


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DataNucleus AccessPlatform

Standards-compliant Java persistence via JDO/JPA/REST and RDBMS/MongoDB/Neo4j/Excel/LDAP.


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A video conversion tool.