Version 2.1.2 of check_mysql_health

Release Notes: Compatibility with MySQL 4.x was improved.

    Other releases

    •  23 Aug 2011 03:01

    Release Notes: innodb modes now detect problems with the InnoDB engine. A --labelformat option was added so that groundwork no longer complains (the maximum label length is 19 characters). The plugin can now be used with the OMD framework.

    •  13 Apr 2011 13:08

      Release Notes: This release fixes a very nasty bug when using sql-mode and the parameter name2.

      •  20 Dec 2010 21:36

      Release Notes: This release adds the modes threads-created, threads-running, threads-cached, connects-aborted, and clients-aborted. It fixes a severe bug when loading dynamic extensions. It adds the mode table-fragmentation. The mode SQL can now have non-numerical output that is compared to a string/regexp. There is a new –dbthresholds parameter. A new mode report can be used to output only the bad news.

      •  02 Oct 2010 07:05

        Release Notes: An open-files mode was added. A bug in the pnp template was fixed. An extra-opts parameter was added.

        •  10 Jun 2010 14:39

          Release Notes: Compatibility with MySQL 4.x was improved.


          Project Spotlight


          A genealogy records transcription editor.


          Project Spotlight


          A GTK version of slapt-get.