Version 3.0.5 of check_hpasm

Release Notes: The plugin now runs faster through a decreased amount of transferred oids. The --ignore-fan-redundancy switch was added. SNMP memory checking was rewritten for better reliability.

Other releases

Release Notes: This release adds error logs (210 – Quick Path Interconnect (QPI) Link Degradation, Main Memory – Corrected Memory Error threshold exceeded, and Uncorrectable Memory Error), add checks for nic teaming (experimental, must be enabled with –eval-nics) and for power converters, adds msa2xxx storage sensors, correctly identifies dl388g7, makes bulk requests if possible, outputs power consumption as performance data, and outputs power consumption perfdata for BladeCenters.

  •  15 Oct 2011 14:03

    Release Notes: Monitoring of X1660 Storage Systems is now supported. Memory errors during POST found in the IML logs will be reported.

    •  02 Oct 2010 07:03

      Release Notes: This release added timeout handling and better hpacucli da controller handling, fixed a bug in memory detection, and provided better handling for failed and disabled controller batteries with a warning only.

      Release Notes: Temperatures, fuses, and enclosure managers for bladesystems were added. Blacklisting was added for SCSI devices (scco,scld,scpd) and for overall fan status (ofs).

      •  04 Dec 2009 18:50

      Release Notes: This release adds support for models with a hidden product description, enhances fan detection logic, adds the missing --help parameter, and fixes a bug in Fahrenheit-Celsius conversion.


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      Project Spotlight

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