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Charles Web Debugging Proxy

Charles is a Web debugging tool, HTTP monitor, and reverse HTTP proxy for Web developers that includes plain text debugging of HTTPS/SSL. It is built in Java Swing, and runs on all Java platforms. It is an HTTP proxy server that displays requests and responses, complete with HTTP headers. This enables the developer to examine the exact content of HTTP exchanges, including cookies, caching, and redirects. It can also throttle your connection in order to simulate modem conditions. It is a valuable tool for all Web developers and is especially useful for debugging XML RCP, SOAP, Web services, AJAX/XMLHTTP, and Macromedia Flash client-server traffic including AMF, AMF 3, LoadVars, and XML Sockets.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  31 Jan 2007 22:40

    Release Notes: Large responses are now stored in temporary files, reducing memory usage and removing the need for recording limits. The throttling feature now avoids fragmenting throttled packets by introducing an MTU setting. AMF3/Flex 2 parsing was improved. Various improvements were made to viewers including the multipart body, JSON, and Authentication viewers.

    •  24 Apr 2006 00:59

      Release Notes: Major new features include AMF 3 / Flash Remoting / Flex 2 support, SOCKS proxy support, and external proxy authentication. Major improvements have been made to the Firefox proxy configuration, XML viewer, Text viewer (now has line numbers), and the AMF viewer.

      •  05 Sep 2005 02:09

        Release Notes: This release can auto-configure the proxy settings in Firefox / Mozilla. More request/response types are parsed and details displayed, including: AMF / Flash Remoting, SWF / Flash files, and form posts. Summary statistics are available on whole hosts and paths within hosts. Most tools support filtering by host as well as by path.

        •  18 Jun 2005 04:05

          Release Notes: A major user interface redesign was made, including the migration of Plugins to Tools with their own settings and easy-access menu. An HTTP header and body rewriting tool was added, including regex support. Many Mac OS X improvements were made, including automatic proxy configuration. There were also many other fixes and enhancements.

          •  26 Dec 2004 06:43

            Release Notes: The throttling configuration has been improved to use Kbps and %age utilisation rather than bytes/s. Support for WebDAV methods and chunked POST requests has been added. Various other minor improvements and fixes have been made.


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