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08 Dec 2009 07:18 greppo

Oops - it seems Chaiscript makes you register every method that you want exposed:

08 Dec 2009 07:11 greppo

I've just noticed chaiscript - elanthis, obviously lots of people wrote scripting languages in C++, but how many scripting languages give you access to all C++ objects, as Jython gives you access to all Java objects - without writing wrapper code.

23 Sep 2009 20:37 elanthis

It's pretty silly to claim that this is possibly the first script language to target C++. There are dozens of them. Heck, I've written 3, one of which was posted here on Freshmeat years and years ago. ChaiScript may be one of the better ones out there (or not, I don't know -- haven't really looked into it much yet), but it's definitely not even remotely close to the first. :)


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