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Release Notes: Tab completion has been added for IE. This release doesn't send multiple lines by accident, and has various other fixes and a new logo.

Release Notes: A security bug with CTCP BAN, and problems with userlist.cgi and ipaccess were fixed. A /banlist command has been added, as have the new configuration options 'autoquery' (adds people in current channel to select box) and 'removecolor' (removes most color, but not all). The hidden form now detects if the user has javascript. The default theme is now text-white.

Release Notes: Several new formats have been added, admin.cgi has been fixed, and the userlist now displays realname. Various small features have been added, and a few things have been fixed.

Release Notes: Fixes for the userlist, more commands, various bugfixes, nicer output, an updated ident server, a new HostServ script, and needing admin access to an IRC network with the sethost or chghost command.


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A foreign function call interface using small assembly kernels.


Project Spotlight


A 3D animation studio for modeling, texturing, compositing, and video editing.