Version 1.1 of CGI::Application

Release Notes: Initial freshmeat announcement

    Other releases

    •  15 Feb 2009 06:59

    Release Notes: Compatibility with CGI::Application::Server was improved. Typographical errors were fixed.

    •  03 Jun 2003 05:09

    Release Notes: A cgiapp_postrun() hook was added, which allows run-mode output to be "pipelined" through optional filters, modifying the content and HTTP headers, if so desired. header_type("none") was added to suppress HTTP header output. A bug where query objects couldn't be set at initialization time via the new() method was fixed. The dump_html default run-mode was changed to be referenced by name instead of sub-ref, allowing it to be overridden in a sub-class. The current run-mode was added to the output of dump() and dump_html().

    •  19 Feb 2003 07:38

    Release Notes: The run() method was changed to use Perl's built-in dynamic method call for all run modes, whether by name or by code ref. This is intended to improve run-time performance. A new overridable method cgiapp_get_query() was added. It is possible to override the cgiapp_get_query() method to return an object of some other module besides, providing that it is sufficiently compatible. The run_modes() method was changed to allow a list of run-modes to be designated via an array reference. This will automatically create a run-modes table which maps from a run-mode to a run-mode method of the same name.

    •  28 May 2002 12:36

    Release Notes: The capability to change the current run-mode has been added to cgiapp_prerun(). By calling prerun_mode() you can dynamically modify which mode will be called based on specific criteria. The tmpl_path() method has been modified to more intuitively dovetail into HTML::Template's PATH parameter. The documentation has been refined to be more easily understood by new users.

    •  10 May 2002 08:15

    Release Notes: A new API hook, cgiapp_prerun(), has been added. This hook is called just before the run-mode is invoked. This method receives the name of the current run-mode as an argument. A new module, CGI::Application::Mailform, was added. This module is an example of how to use CGI::Application, and it is intended to be very easy to reuse, while still being secure and functional enough to replace some of the more onerous "form mail" scripts.


    Project Spotlight


    A unit test facility for command line programs with file input and output.


    Project Spotlight

    OAQL Server

    An Oriented Architecture Query Language Server.