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  •  22 Nov 2005 09:50

Release Notes: This release fixes run() in Cgiapp5 to call query() instead of cgiapp_get_query(). __call() has been updated in both Cgiapp and Cgiapp5 to indicate the method called if unable to find a matching action (debugging aid).

  •  06 May 2005 09:43

Release Notes: load_tmpl()'s behavior changed in the 1.6.x series, and required that the $_TEMPLATE object be a Smarty instance. This release now has load_tmpl() check simply for the $_TEMPLATE to be an object with a fetch() method, giving backwards compatibility with previous releases.

  •  02 May 2005 13:16

Release Notes: This is a PHP4 compatibility release. Several stray "self::" references have been converted to the PHP4-friendly "$this->" syntax. One unit test used the PHP5 syntax "instanceof", and has been converted to PHP4's "is_a()".

  •  24 Apr 2005 18:41

Release Notes: The s_param() method declaration in 1.6.0 included a 'public' keyword, causing compilation failure on PHP4. The keyword has been removed.

  •  14 Jan 2005 11:11

Release Notes: When determining the run mode, the call to get_defined_functions() has been moved within a conditional that first determines if the mode param is a function name. This corrects a performance hit introduced in 1.5.2.

  •  03 Nov 2004 15:40

Release Notes: An error in the callback passed to set_error_handler() in the run() method has been fixed. query() explicitly returns a reference to $_CGIAPP_REQUEST.

  •  30 Oct 2004 22:40

Release Notes: mode_param() was duplicating work from run() which caused a breakage when using a method or function as a mode_param() callback; this has been fixed. query() has been re-introduced; it creates and returns a combined array of $_GET and $_POST. query() is now used by run() to determine the current run mode when the run mode is expected in a form parameter.

  •  02 Sep 2004 19:49

Release Notes: Two minor bugs producing warnings were reported and fixed: cgiapp_postrun() should now be written to expect a reference (run() no longer passes the reference), and a check to see if $_header_props has been set is made before attempting to load them. In addition some minor documentation tweaks were made to work with PhpDoc on PHP5.


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