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Release Notes: This marks the first stable release of the Cgiapp2 series. The 2.x series of Cgiapp completes a PHP5 port of Cgiapp2. Important new features include an extensive, powerful, and flexible callback system. Template engines have now been moved to a plugin system, and Cgiapp2 ships with Smarty, Savant2/3, and XSLT plugins. Extensive error and exception handling was added. A simple, flexible sample front controller class was added.

  •  01 May 2006 21:55

Release Notes: Strange issues were noticed when overloading applications, particularly in the behaviour of cgiapp_postrun(). As nobody has introduced any third party plugins and the HTML_QuickForm plugin has stagnated, this plugin functionality has been removed.

Release Notes: This is the first release candidate of Cgiapp2, the PHP5-only version of Cgiapp.class.php. It adds E_STRICT compatibility, adherence to the CGI::Application 4.x API for callback plugins, and extensive error and exception handling functionality.

  •  19 Feb 2006 16:48

Release Notes: This is a performance release. The codebase underwent a full audit, with performance improvements in mind. Many methods were made semi-static (e.g. Cgiapp 1.x must support PHP4), and tests were run extensively on both PHP4 and PHP5. This is the last feature release of Cgiapp.class.php; additional releases will be bugfix or security only. Please consider updating to Cgiapp2, the PHP5-only version, for future projects.

  •  22 Nov 2005 09:50

Release Notes: This release fixes run() in Cgiapp5 to call query() instead of cgiapp_get_query(). __call() has been updated in both Cgiapp and Cgiapp5 to indicate the method called if unable to find a matching action (debugging aid).

Release Notes: This release added a plugin architecture. Reusable plugins can now be written to speed development and provide standard libraries for applications. A sample plugin, Cgiapp_Plugin_HTML_QuickForm, provides a convenience library for quickly and seamlessly adding HTML_QuickForm to a Cgiapp-based application. A sample MailForm application utlizing this plugin was also provided. A PHP5 compatibility that makes use of PHP5 exceptions and native overloading was also included.

  •  06 May 2005 09:43

Release Notes: load_tmpl()'s behavior changed in the 1.6.x series, and required that the $_TEMPLATE object be a Smarty instance. This release now has load_tmpl() check simply for the $_TEMPLATE to be an object with a fetch() method, giving backwards compatibility with previous releases.

  •  02 May 2005 13:16

Release Notes: This is a PHP4 compatibility release. Several stray "self::" references have been converted to the PHP4-friendly "$this->" syntax. One unit test used the PHP5 syntax "instanceof", and has been converted to PHP4's "is_a()".

  •  24 Apr 2005 18:41

Release Notes: The s_param() method declaration in 1.6.0 included a 'public' keyword, causing compilation failure on PHP4. The keyword has been removed.

  •  22 Apr 2005 21:31

Release Notes: phpt unit tests were added. All methods are now fully unit tested. carp/croak now use PHP's trigger_error() for error handling. For security reasons, dump() and dump_html() no longer return a serialized version of the object. query() now properly returns a reference to a class property. s_delete() now works for removing session variables. Finally, Cgiapp may now be installed as a PEAR package.


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