Version 1.4 of cfv

Release Notes: A "make install-wrapper" option was added for faster startup times. A long int value is used for total bytes read, to avoid possible overflow. A divide by zero error on systems with lower resolution timers was fixed. Blank lines are now ignored in .cfvrc. Recognition of .sfv files was loosened some more. Error handling for creating/writing a checksum file was improved. A handler was added for .csv files with no CRC field.

    Other releases

    •  08 Jun 2009 00:36

      Release Notes: This release fixes Python 2.6 MD5 and SHA module deprecation warnings.

      •  23 Jun 2008 02:32

      Release Notes: Help output is printed to stdout under non-error conditions. A mmap file descriptor leak in Python 2.4.2 was worked around. The different module layout of BitTorrent 5.x is supported. A "struct integer overflow masking is deprecated" warning was fixed. The --private_torrent flag was added. A bug was worked around in 64-bit Python version 2.5 and later which causes checksums of files larger than 4GB to be incorrectly calculated when using mmap.

      •  04 Feb 2005 04:25

      Release Notes: This release includes fixes for progress meter with non- regular files. The list of checksum types in --help output is now sorted, and -t help (or -t with unknown type) prints a list of the supported types, with descriptions.

      •  12 Jan 2005 14:05

      Release Notes: This release adds .torrent creation support, and makes torrent testing automatically strip the top path component if needed. It fixes an mmap error on large files, a too many open files error on large torrents, bad file renaming with .torrent files on Windows, and a TypeError that occurred if forcing --progress=yes when not running on a TTY and the COLUMNS var was set. sha1sum file support has been added.

      •  12 Jul 2004 15:56

      Release Notes: This release adds an -s option to search for misnamed files, handles .torrent files that have the creation date encoded as a string, handles .torrent files that specify the filename encoding, makes .torrent support try the BitTornado module if BitTorrent isn't found, fixes exceptions when trying to print Unicode filenames containing non-ASCII characters, and fixes some minor issues in --strippaths, filename unquoting, and CSV parsing.


      Project Spotlight


      A mature implementation of a SIP server/proxy.


      Project Spotlight

      libmodbus (stable)

      A multiplatform Modbus library.