Version 2.3 of Cervisia

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Release Notes: Support was added for checkout of a module without the CVS administrative folders and for a checkout under an alias name. The entered text in the commit dialog and changelog dialog is now spell-checked. The diff options used to create a patch are now configurable. The ability to create a patch between arbitrary revisions was added to the log dialog. The context menu for the file view has a new "Edit With" menu. A major rework was done to the handbook, with updates, new screenshots, and several added sections. Especially, CVS newbies will find it much easier to understand.

Release Notes: Support for compression levels (-z) above three was added. Text in the commit dialog and changelog dialog is now spellchecked. Support was added for "cvs init" to create a new repository. Auto-completion was added to folder line edits at several places. The possibility to hide files with status "unknown" was added by extending the current option "Hide Up-To-Date Files".

  •  21 Apr 2004 02:06

Release Notes: This release checks more thoroughly to determine whether a directory really is under CVS control and partially fixed a problem with executing shell scripts when the user used the edit file action.

Release Notes: This release contains many new features, including pserver login/logout support, SSH repository (:ext:) support, a new view (with search functionality) in the log dialog, and the ability to download and show any file revision in the preferred editor per log dialog.


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An image viewer and organizer.


Project Spotlight


A Thread-safe quad tree C library.