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  •  25 Aug 2011 08:52

Release Notes: This maintenance update includes eight improvements from community feedback.

Release Notes: This maintenance update includes 13 improvements from community feedback.

  •  13 Jun 2011 21:53

Release Notes: This maintenance update includes 24 improvements from community feedback. The email relay can include attachments to mobile workers. There is an 'in groups of worker' filter to simplify the display of available groups on ticket worklists. Registered contacts for the Support Center can be created through the REST API. Dates in snippets now adhere to the server timezone instead of GMT. Minor browser-specific rendering issues have been fixed.

Release Notes: This maintenance release includes 34 minor features, usability tweaks, and fixes. A built-in owner field treats workers like watchers for the duration of their assignment. Virtual Attendants can make decisions based on the number of watchers on a record, if it has an owner, and who that owner is. Virtual Attendants can set owners and subjects on tickets. A 'reply without quoting' option has been added to mail. Workers can now set default statuses for compose, create ticket, and reply. Extra whitespace in the email relay has been fixed. Subtotals show more totals when the filters would have shown only one.


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