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Release Notes: This major update includes 70 new features. Workers and Virtual Attendants can send HTML formatted messages (including inline images) when composing, replying, or broadcasting. Cerb automatically converts CSS blocks to inline attributes for maximum compatibility with mail readers. Workers can relay specific messages to external email accounts without first having to set up a Virtual Attendant behavior. Cerb detects when a new storage object duplicates an existing one, and a link will be created to the same file. Workers can enable the display of Activity Log entries on the ticket timeline.

Release Notes: This major update includes 144 new features. A new mobile Web interface provides workers with access to their notifications, workspaces, and Virtual Attendant behaviors while away from their desks. Virtual Attendants now directly own behaviors, making it easier to organize automation workflows. The events and actions available to Virtual Attendants can be restricted by admins. Attendants can delegate behaviors to each other in real time. The simulator can target specific records and public behavior variables can be tested. Automation behaviors can be triggered through the REST API.

Release Notes: This major update includes 118 new features. Related custom fields can be grouped into optional fieldsets. Workspace pages, tabs, widgets, and Virtual Attendant behaviors can be imported and exported. Workspace and calendar data can be read from the API. Widget data is exportable from the UI. New widgets provide calendars, clocks, and countdown timers. Multiple calendars can be created by roles, groups, and workers. Virtual Attendants can use calendars to schedule dates in "working hours". Recurring event patterns are more flexible. Plugins are auto-updated during an upgrade.

Release Notes: This major update includes 64 new features. Virtual Attendants now track usage statistics. Virtual Attendants can set cross-record custom fields, add headers to sent mail, add recipients to mail, set organizations on tickets, and post comments as their owner. Macros integrate jQuery for automation while replying. Workers may upload multiple attachments at once. URLs can link directly to messages. Comment creation triggers events. Calendars can plot dates from any worklist. Admins can list sessions. Snippets track daily usage. The Web API can upload files, search comments, and compose mail.

Release Notes: This major update includes over 123 new features. Snippets support 'fill in the blanks' tokens. Snippet choosers show a preview. The Activity Log records logins, logouts, and ticket moves. Worklist with subtotals can be displayed as pie charts. Custom HTML widgets display user-defined content. Mail filtering can remove attachments. A login method may be set per worker. Secret questions improve the security of account recovery. Two-factor authentication is implemented using Google Authenticator. Quoted replies wrap to 76 characters. Virtual Attendants can set or remove links dynamically.

Release Notes: This new generation update includes 239 improvements from community feedback. Workers can create pages with multiple tabs and custom worklists. Pages can be added to the global menu. Pages and tabs throughout the interface can be rearranged with drag-and-drop. A global search menu provides access to all records. Virtual Attendants can build their own worklists. Shared calendars permit decisions and automation based on worker availability. A simulator helps test Virtual Attendant behavior. Behavior can be scheduled using relative dates. The Web API authenticates using disposable credentials.

Release Notes: This version includes 70 improvements from community feedback. A plugin library enables third-party plugins to be installed and updated using only the Web browser. The list of plugins has paging, sorting, and searching functionality. Virtual Attendant behaviors may now define, set, and check custom variables to make conditions and actions more dynamic. Variables are available as placeholders in snippets. Virtual Attendants support automatic assignment workflow: assignees can be chosen at random, in round-robin, or by load balancing. Macros may provide parameters to further improve reusability.

Release Notes: This version includes 70 improvements from community feedback. Workspaces can now be shared by multiple workers. Impersonation mode allows administrators to configure any worker's environment. Virtual Attendants can use context links as conditions and create links as actions. Mail filters can replace message content using regular expressions. Recipients will be suggested on conversations based on message headers. Custom fields can be set when composing or replying. Tickets can be assigned to organizations. Snippets can be created for any record type.

Release Notes: This version includes 109 improvements from community feedback. Virtual attendants can schedule behavior loops like SLA escalations and reminders. Custom behavior can be added before and after worker replies, and on assignment. Macros automate reusable actions. Decision trees can be rearranged with drag/drop interaction. Virtual attendants manage mail filters. Notifications linking to the same record are automatically marked read. Properties and custom fields are displayed at the top of each record. Comments can be searched. The ticket mask format is customizable. An LDAP plugin is available.

Release Notes: This version includes over 294 improvements from community feedback. Watchers can follow any record in the helpdesk with one click to receive notifications about new activity. Virtual Attendants observe events to provide business automation behavior using flexible decisions trees with dependent outcomes. Attendants can send email, add watchers, set properties, and create tasks, comments, and notifications. Every worklist has a subtotals sidebar for multiple fields (and custom fields) with single-click filters. Non-Latin charsets work with search and anti-spam. Long workspaces lazy load.


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