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Release Notes: This version includes over 179 improvements. It can link any helpdesk content together: tasks to tickets, timesheets to opportunities, etc. Filter presets reuse searches. Tickets can be assigned to multiple workers. Assignees receive a notification when anyone replies or comments. Multiple snippets can be inserted at the same time. Reports provide more charting options (line, bar, stacked, filled) and display trends over time. Choosers simplify selection from long lists. Virtual filters simplify compound filters. All ticket worklists can display a subtotals sidebar. Message worklists allow for simpler observation.

Release Notes: This version includes over 307 improvements. Licensing is based on seats (concurrent workers). Support was added for jQuery, Smarty3, and Nginx. Mail drafts share progress during replies. All content in the Support Center can be edited through the GUI. Custom fields were added for data entry in the Support Center. Broadcast sends personalized bulk replies. Snippets reuse text fragments that adapt to the current record. Search relevancy and performance were improved. Content is archived to Amazon S3. Markdown is supported in the KB, along with an editor and article custom fields. A new JSON/XML API based on worker permissions simplifies mobile development.

  •  03 Jun 2009 12:02

Release Notes: This release includes over 106 improvements from community feedback. Support centers can now each have their own enabled modules and styles. Visitors can be required to log in before opening new tickets or browsing the knowledgebase. Date/time and message content criteria have been added to filters. Email notifications and Mail Routing can be created using the same criteria as Group Inboxes. A .csv file importer has been added to the Address Book and CRM, which can import arbitrary data into custom fields. Performance is improved for lists containing custom fields or thousands of rows.


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