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  •  01 Sep 2011 04:58

Release Notes: This second maintenance update for version 5.5 contains ten usability tweaks and minor bugfixes. The knowledge base RSS feeds in the Support Center now return the correct results. An RSS feed was added for newly created articles. Two new keyboard shortcuts are provided when displaying tickets. An issue that led to Virtual Attendants occasionally choosing the wrong outcome for conditions based on picklist custom fields was fixed. Activity will be logged and notifications will be sent when conversations are reopened after the "waiting until" timer has elapsed.

Release Notes: This version includes over 294 improvements from community feedback. Watchers can follow any record in the helpdesk with one click to receive notifications about new activity. Virtual Attendants observe events to provide business automation behavior using flexible decisions trees with dependent outcomes. Attendants can send email, add watchers, set properties, and create tasks, comments, and notifications. Every worklist has a subtotals sidebar for multiple fields (and custom fields) with single-click filters. Non-Latin charsets work with search and anti-spam. Long workspaces lazy load.

Release Notes: This version includes over 103 improvements from community feedback. Workspaces can be displayed in multiple locations. Choosers provide autocomplete functionality for quicker data entry. Entire mail conversations can be previewed from "peek" popups. Call Logging tracks incoming and outgoing phone calls (e.g. reception, sales calls). Feed Reader subscribes to RSS feeds and tracks actionable items in the helpdesk (e.g. blog comments, forum posts, wiki changes). Attachments can be added to comments and the knowledgebase. Worklist, copy, and explore functionality is added to more record types.

Release Notes: This release includes over 36 improvements from community feedback. Tasks support conversations to track progress toward completion. Tasks are now displayed like tickets, including functionality like keyboard shortcuts. The Support Center can now authorize customer logins using custom data sources (e.g. LDAP, forums, billing, and CRM), and also allows credentials beyond email+password (e.g. customer ID and account number). Custom fields can be added to Worker records. Workspaces can contain worklists of workers, which is most useful when combined with the new worker-level custom fields.


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