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Release Notes: This maintenance update includes 28 usability enhancements and minor fixes. Customers can include attachments on replies from the Support Center. A quick search icon has been added to the top of every worklist to simplify filtering in workspaces. Snippets owned by a role will now show up in autocomplete during a reply. Groups can now own custom behavior macros for every record type. An SDK example demonstrates how to build new reports.

Release Notes: This release features improved Japanese support, a shortcut in the contact popup for displaying other email addresses from the same domain name, a fix for missing custom field placeholders on worker signatures, the ability to merge organizations from worklists, and a 'weekly' grouping option to date-based reports. Gravatar URLs will now use SSL. The email parser will skip messages on disk that lack write permission. Comments may be retrieved from the Web API.

Release Notes: This maintenance update includes 23 improvements from community feedback. Search indexing has been optimized for large messages. Activity on reports can be graphed by hour. Roles can own snippets and share them with any combination of groups and workers. Administrators can view and bulk update snippets from a new page in Setup. Snippet worklists can be filtered by owner. This release fixes an issue with attachments being appended to the message body when a plaintext file only had a disposition-filename header. Attachments with the MIME type message/rfc822 are no longer appended to conversations.

Release Notes: This maintenance update includes 12 improvements from community feedback. The storage system will no longer leave stray attachments behind after deleting tickets. The debug page can export an XML file which describes Virtual Attendant behavior for all events. A new X-Header records the mailbox a message was downloaded from. The installer includes database scripts for facilitating fully-automated installs. When adding a new workspace, a worker's own workspaces are now shown by default, since the full list can be overwhelming when it's unintentional.

Release Notes: This maintenance update includes 14 improvements from community feedback. Workers can now properly delete snippets they have write access to. Virtual Attendant behaviors are now grouped by event and can be reordered by dragging on their titles and moving them within their event group. This release fixes an issue which resulted in bulk updating tickets submitting all the changes to the database in one pass instead of batching them as designed, and an issue which prevented ticket searching by group through the Web API.

Release Notes: This maintenance update includes 22 improvements from community feedback. If a POP3 mailbox fails more than five times, it will automatically be disabled and a notification with the most recent error message will be sent to all administrators. Mail conversations now show the relative date next to the 'Date:' header. Hovering over the relative date will also show the absolute date in the current worker's timezone. Broadcast compose will now use the organization from the first recipient when creating the ticket. The organization peek popup now shows the tabs for 'People' and 'Comments'.

Release Notes: This maintenance release includes 13 fixes and usability tweaks.

Release Notes: This maintenance release includes nine minor fixes and usability tweaks from community feedback. Snippets can be inserted into a reply using an auto-complete rather than having to open the chooser. New snippets can be created while replying to a ticket without leaving the page. A couple of bugs in the Support Center related to the Knowledgebase were fixed. A user-friendly 404 'Not Found' page is now displayed when requesting invalid URLs.

Release Notes: This maintenance release includes a dozen minor tweaks and fixes from community feedback. Search presets can be modified by saving over them with new filters. The installer will no longer require a patch immediately after finishing. Organizations are automatically linked to time tracking entries when created from tickets. Owners can be bulk added or removed from tasks, opportunities, organizations, and time tracking. Bulk update support was added to Notifications for marking a list of events as read. Fixes were included to better support Nginx and IIS Web servers.

Release Notes: This release includes over 68 improvements from community feedback. All views/lists will now remember their worker-level customizations (columns, sorting, length) between logins. "Open Ticket" will now generate a placeholder message from the first requester, so the sender and organization links properly point back to a client. Support Center modules and plugins can have their visibility set to: anybody, logged in, or nobody. Support Center membership can now be managed from the Address Book. The Time Tracking timer has been made thinner so it no longer blocks any menu options.


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