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Release Notes: This version includes over 103 improvements from community feedback. Workspaces can be displayed in multiple locations. Choosers provide autocomplete functionality for quicker data entry. Entire mail conversations can be previewed from "peek" popups. Call Logging tracks incoming and outgoing phone calls (e.g. reception, sales calls). Feed Reader subscribes to RSS feeds and tracks actionable items in the helpdesk (e.g. blog comments, forum posts, wiki changes). Attachments can be added to comments and the knowledgebase. Worklist, copy, and explore functionality is added to more record types.

Release Notes: This version includes over 46 improvements from community feedback. The look and feel of the interface was improved. A registered contact in the Support Center may have multiple email addresses. Registered contacts can share their history for any email address. Contacts may use advanced search criteria to filter their ticket history. OpenID is supported for worker and contact logins. A datacenter plugin integrates server and domain management. Random samples can be drawn from any worklist, allowing for new workflow patterns: random assignments and A/B testing. An SDK of example plugins is included.

Release Notes: This version includes over 179 improvements. It can link any helpdesk content together: tasks to tickets, timesheets to opportunities, etc. Filter presets reuse searches. Tickets can be assigned to multiple workers. Assignees receive a notification when anyone replies or comments. Multiple snippets can be inserted at the same time. Reports provide more charting options (line, bar, stacked, filled) and display trends over time. Choosers simplify selection from long lists. Virtual filters simplify compound filters. All ticket worklists can display a subtotals sidebar. Message worklists allow for simpler observation.

Release Notes: This version includes over 307 improvements. Licensing is based on seats (concurrent workers). Support was added for jQuery, Smarty3, and Nginx. Mail drafts share progress during replies. All content in the Support Center can be edited through the GUI. Custom fields were added for data entry in the Support Center. Broadcast sends personalized bulk replies. Snippets reuse text fragments that adapt to the current record. Search relevancy and performance were improved. Content is archived to Amazon S3. Markdown is supported in the KB, along with an editor and article custom fields. A new JSON/XML API based on worker permissions simplifies mobile development.

Release Notes: This update provides over 147 improvements from community feedback. Custom fields can be added to almost anything. Group inbox filters can read custom fields set on senders and use that information to write custom fields on new mail (such as priority or due date). Workspaces can contain lists of anything; worklists can now be populated by custom field filters and show custom field data as list columns. Groups can prioritize email buckets and flag if their contents are assignable. An itemized permission system for workers has been added. Auto-refresh for workspaces has been implemented.

Release Notes: UTF-8 is now supported application-wide and a Translation Editor plugin is provided to create new localizations. A new Time Tracking plugin is available to log time spent on clients and activities. A new Feedback Tracking plugin allows capturing and sharing of the feedback uncovered in daily conversations. A new Spam Analysis plugin gives insight into how the anti-spam system is making filtering decisions. The anti-spam engine will "unaccent" email content to counter common spam tricks. Two new pages, "home" and "activity", better organize new plugin-contributed functionality.

Release Notes: A dozen new reports have been added from community feedback. The reporting plugin has been ported to the Yahoo User Interface (YUI) "Chart" module to provide dynamic Flash-based charts on reports. The universal importer is now stable for importing ticket and worker information as XML.

Release Notes: Worker comments are displayed inline in mail conversations. There is support for distributed memcached caching, the beginnings of an XML-based universal content importer, streamlining of the guided Web installer, and two dozen usability and performance improvements from community feedback.

Release Notes: This release includes a major performance boost from implementing a short-term/long-term caching strategy in front of the database. It also includes a security patch and several minor bugfixes.

Release Notes: This release includes several dozen improvements and fixes from community feedback. Knowledgebase management has returned to the admin interface and has also been integrated with the customer-facing Support Center interface. Performance has been improved based on intense real-world profiling. Minor security patches have been applied. The project has also adopted MySQL 4.1+ as the official database platform in preparation for better i18n and transaction support.


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