Version 6.2 of Cerb

Release Notes: This major update includes over 123 new features. Snippets support 'fill in the blanks' tokens. Snippet choosers show a preview. The Activity Log records logins, logouts, and ticket moves. Worklist with subtotals can be displayed as pie charts. Custom HTML widgets display user-defined content. Mail filtering can remove attachments. A login method may be set per worker. Secret questions improve the security of account recovery. Two-factor authentication is implemented using Google Authenticator. Quoted replies wrap to 76 characters. Virtual Attendants can set or remove links dynamically.

Other releases

Release Notes: This maintenance update includes 10 improvements. It improves the performance and relevancy of quick searches on message contents, fixes an issue whereby multibyte characters could appear corrupted in HTML previews, fixes an issue whereby Ajax requests were sent twice when reordering dashboard widgets, adds a "message_headers" placeholder to snippets and Virtual Attendants, fixes a PHP segfault issue in the mail parser on CentOS, and fixes an "out of memory" error when quoting very large messages.

Release Notes: This maintenance update includes 20 improvements. It implements the ability to create and retrieve activity log data in the REST API and the ability to retrieve groups and buckets in the REST API. Permalink URLs were improved by Romanizing accented and non-Latin characters instead of removing them. Worker relay replies were removed by removing leading blank lines. A problem with temporary files being left on the disk was fixed. An issue where a malformed From: header could prevent incoming messages from processing was fixed. A broken loading image when URL rewriting is disabled was fixed.

Release Notes: This maintenance update includes 23 improvements. It improves the performance and relevancy of fulltext searches by automatically detecting and quoting punctuated terms like email addresses, domains, URLs, IPs, and phone numbers. Phrase searches have stop words removed to improve matching. It implements 'OR' matching in quick search filters. Implements multiple line support for code formatting in the HTML editor. Fixes an issue where UTF-8 characters could become corrupted while displaying original_message.html attachments. Fixes an issue with drag reordering on workspace widgets.

  •  11 Feb 2014 23:51

    Release Notes: This maintenance update includes 11 improvements. Tickets may be opened without specifying recipients. An updated field has been added to snippet records. The global search menu is accessible by vision-impaired users with the TAB key. Popup windows can be resized, and they are constrained by the window height. Logo and favicon URLs are validated in setup before saving changes. An issue that prevented the drag reordering of pages and tabs has been fixed. An issue with some conditions showing up blank on "New message on a watched conversation" events has been fixed.

    Release Notes: This major update includes 70 new features. Workers and Virtual Attendants can send HTML formatted messages (including inline images) when composing, replying, or broadcasting. Cerb automatically converts CSS blocks to inline attributes for maximum compatibility with mail readers. Workers can relay specific messages to external email accounts without first having to set up a Virtual Attendant behavior. Cerb detects when a new storage object duplicates an existing one, and a link will be created to the same file. Workers can enable the display of Activity Log entries on the ticket timeline.


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