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Centrallix Application Platform

Centrallix is an HTML/Javascript/AJAX based rich Internet application platform featuring data and application abstraction, an SQL engine for joining diverse data sources, declarative (not scripted) development, reports, components, and style templates.

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  •  15 Sep 2010 22:25

Release Notes: This is a major development release featuring JavaScript/AJAX widget set enhancements, SQL language additions including 14 new functions, CSV file output from the report writer, a driver for MySQL databases, and numerous important bugfixes.

Release Notes: This is a major development release, with new features that include full Firefox support, custom component widgets (including dynamically loadable components), layout improvements, additional declarative development functionality, and enhanced query-by-form (QBF) features.

Release Notes: This release features pre-built RPMs, in-progress Mozilla and MSIE support, a completely revamped report writer including PDF/PostScript and HTML output, a POP3 ObjectSystem driver, "presentation hints" (data display rules) support, new UI widgets, composite widget support, and other significant enhancements and fixes to the DHTML generator.

Release Notes: This is a major development release containing many bugfixes and new features including XML, MIME, gzip, NFS, and shell drivers as well as several DHTML generator enhancements.

Release Notes: This release includes autoconf support, loadable module (.so) support, bugfixes, and substantial enhancements to the DHTML generation subsystem.


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