Version 2.20.1 of Cedar Backup

Release Notes: Python 2.7 is supported.

    Other releases

    •  10 May 2013 22:48

      Release Notes: Adds workarounds for new eject behavior in Debian 'wheezy' and kernel 3.2.0. There is a new config option eject_delay that adds an optional delay after opening the tray but before closing it. There's also new error-handling behavior to work around the way the tray is sometimes locked after writing media.

      •  21 Mar 2013 23:15

        Release Notes: This release updates the split extension to support the syntax from the latest /usr/bin/split. It fixes a typo in the man page.

        •  12 Oct 2011 21:47

          Release Notes: This release adds support for recursion in the collect action. By setting a non-zero recursion level in collect configuration, Cedar Backup will generate archive files at a more granular level.

          •  20 Oct 2010 10:43

            Release Notes: Python 2.7 is supported.

            •  07 Jul 2010 22:52

              Release Notes: This is a cleanup release. It takes care of some organizational TODO items, fixes a variety of minor problems exposed by pylint, and changes the minimum interpreter version from Python 2.3 to Python 2.5. A lot of code was touched, but there were no functional enhancements or bugfixes.


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